Living Vivid

Our Vision

I remember opening the pages of a coloring book at my grandmothers house as a kid. All of the pages were replete with black lines, curving and twisting to create various characters and shapes. As I flipped through the pages each empty image would appear quickly before the next page would pop up. First a puppy, then a family, next a skyscraper, then on to a blue whale, and after it, a train. I remember asking my grandmother, “why are all of these pages so blank?” And she said, “So that you can fill them up with color!”

I think too many people unfortunately live their lives as nothing more than black and white lines twisting and converging together with lots of emptiness and blank space. Hereʼs the good news, the job of the church is to act in the role of my Grandmother. To introduce people to a maker named Jesus who has a box full of crayons. Jesus wants to fill every space of our lives so that we can have life in full color. Life was never meant to be lived in black and white, God intended it to be filled with color. He intended it to be…Vivid.

What if the story that Jesus wrote through your life was so inspiring that people were on the edge of their seats as you told it? That was true of the disciples, like Peter who went from a Fisherman to an Apostle. I’ve dreamed of hearing stories like His in Heaven. But as I’ve reflected on it, I now dream of sharing the stories of how God moved in my life! This concept drives us to take people to Heaven with vivid stories about how God turned the world upside down through their life. That’s the vision of Vivid Church – We exist to lead people into the vivid story that God has for them. That’s why we won’t stop until Jesus is the center of every person’s story. Because when we bring someone to Jesus, Heaven gets a little more Vivid.

Allen Kendrick – Lead Pastor

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Vivid Church officially launches on September 20th, 2020. If you would like to join the launch team, find out more here and become a part of the team today.